Joe Sponsors Sunita

Mr. Joe Nahas, Salt Lake City, Utah

Joe Nahas is a refugee from Sierra Leone. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Sierra Leone. Joe arrived joined his family in Utah in December 2005. His family made way to the USA in August 2004 en-route Ghana under refugee resettlement program.

After arriving in Salt Lake City, Joe commenced his in-gene-rooted social work helping build refugee communities. He became a part of the Association of Sierra Leoneans in Utah and the United Africans of Utah. Joe is employed as a Program Specialist for Refugee Capacity Building by the Department of Workforce Services/Refugee Services Office. Joe is married to Saran and they have five children. Gyanu Dulal, connected Joe to the Punya Foundation.

Joe Sponsored Sunita Khatri from Primary-School at Sindhupalchok, Nepal

Sunita, 13 years, lives with her mother in Jalbire VDC Ward No. 2, Sindupalchwok district in Mid Development Region in Nepal. She is a student of Shree Aananda Higher Secondary School located in Jalbire. During the devastating earthquake of April 2015 she lost her father. Their house got completely collapsed. Since then they are living under plastic sheets. Suffering from the after effects of trauma and also owing to preexistent poor financial situation, her mother is not in a state to help her with her further studies. Sunita would like to continue her studies and without help of others, she is unlikely to make her studies possible.

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