The Punya Foundation

The Punya Foundation is a not for profit charity organisation. In June 2010 it was registered in South Australia. In 2017, the Foundation got registered with the ACNC and obtained Australian Taxation Office, tax-exempt status. Similarly, in 2016, the Foundation got registered in the USA and obtained status  501 (c) (3) in 2017. Also, the Punya Foundation is registered in Nepal under charity status.   

The foundation operates on principles of universal declaration of human rights with a vision of “Justice through Education and Empowerment”. It operates without inclination to any religion, culture, ethnicity, caste and gender. 

Target groups of the foundation are those people who need support to live a dignified life. The foundation assists underprivileged and rendered vulnerable children with their education. It focuses on welfare of women in fronts of social issues like mediation programs and empowerment through adult education. The Punya Foundation is established to contribute to make differences in lives of rendered vulnerable, deprived, and victimized people across the globe.

The Foundation also mobilizes resources and extends emergency assistance during disasters and natural calamities. To assist people like immigrants, refugees and resettled population, the Foundation organizes integration programs, cultural activities, job-oriented training programs and provides psychosocial support. For the promotion of social justice, the Foundation raises its voice against violation of human rights.

The Punya Foundation is an initiative of Bhutanese. It comprises of committed and result oriented youths, experts, activists, professionals and think tanks.