Annual Report 2013

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Year 2013 in brief

In 2013, with a modest budget of nearly $4,000 USD, the Punya Foundation programs accomplished wondrous life-affirming changes for vulnerable, often traumatized young children, high school students, women, and families. This annual report describes program activities in the Bhutanese Diaspora and in refugee camps in Nepal and Kenya. Also covered are new initiatives in the coming year, 2014. Click for Annual Report 2013

 Scholarship Program

  • Supporting students’ education gives parents hope for their children’s future. Seven students in Jhapa, Nepal, are attending primary school.
  • Seven students in Bhutanese camps in Nepal are attending high school.
  • Four African students in Kakuma refugee camps in Kenya are attending primary schools.
  • Six students in Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal graduated high school (eight graduated in 2012; six, in 2011).
  • Six students in Jhapa, Nepal, graduated high school (four in 2012; two, in 2011)

Women’s Empowerment Programs

  • More than fifty victims of rape and gender based violence in Kakuma refugee camps in Kenya are participating in storytelling workshops to promote healing.
  • In Jhapa, Nepal, 29 women are receiving adult basic education, including women’s rights and storytelling to help identify context-specific solutions. (Project: two years minimum.)

Thumbnail Nepali Annual Report 2013Implementing Partners

  • Bhutanese Refugee Women Forum (BRWF); Beldangi Refugee Camp, Jhapa, Nepal
  • Jana Yuba Kalyan Samuha (JYKS); Birdamod, Jhapa, Nepal
  • Kanere News; Kenya, Africa

Principles and Operations

  • We follow an effective decision-making process.
  • We maintain transparency and accountability, monitor activities, and evaluate outcomes.
  • We work efficiently and effectively with partners.
  • We are gaining support of communities where Bhutanese are resettled.
  • We meet in person and via Skype.

Unlike pervious years, this year, the Punya Foundation brings its annual reports in Nepali as well. For report in Nepali click here.

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