Puran, Prabachan and Cultural Program in Adelaide

Diva Gautam, Salisbury, Adelaide, Australia

Diva Gautam, Salisbury, Adelaide, Australia

The Punya Foundation is a not for profit charity organisation registered in South Australia. The foundation operates on the principle of universal declaration of human rights with a vision of “Justice through Education and Empowerment”. The Foundation is organising a 3-days Puran, Prabachan and Cultural Program.

Goals of the program:

  • To generate funds to provide scholarships to orphan children, who lost at least one of their parents during earthquakes of 2015 in Nepal.
  • To support education of poor and vulnerable children in Ethiopia, Africa.

Program outline

  • The 3-day program shall have a variety of activities like arati, puja, bhajan, kirtan, spiritual sermons by celebrated gurus, and various cultural activities.
  • On last day of the program, besides above mentioned activities; for peace and prosperity of human kind; a grand Hawan ceremony shall take place.

Venue: 304 Waterloo Corner Rd Paralowie, SA 5108

Date: 12-14, August 2016

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