Bhandari Resorts to Cognitive Skills Through Arts


Fig: Some of the participants with Mr. JN Bhandari

Literature on prosperity of arts dates back to 15th century. The world recognises arts of Rembrandt, the Dutch painter as one of the most skilful in history of arts. The art, “The Scream” of 1893 rocked the world stage on glory of art and expression.

Experts don’t disagree that arts forms alternate modality of expression. Fran Smith asserts that art is associated with gains in mathematic skills through visio-spatial orientation. It excels cognitive ability, enhances critical thinking and  boosts up non-verbal skills and abstract reading ability. They claim arts leading to enhancement of intrinsic motivation, in career progression, expression in virtual world and in thematic perspectives. With these evidences, the Punya Foundation is privileged to publicise its arts project, currently provided to children born to refugee parents.


  1. To stimulate creative minds to enhance cognitive capabilities through art
  2. To stimulate children in abstract thinking, streamline their inherent skills and give pictographical representation of living situations, imaginations and to enrich multiculturalism
  3. To contribute to socialisation, sharing, respect and responsibility

Mr JN Bhandari, Elizabeth, SA

Mr JN Bhandari, one of the long-term serving volunteers has been working on this project. The Foundation is please that children are getting increasingly creative, attracted and building up enthusiasm and their parents expressing utmost satisfaction.

The Punya Foundation thanks Mr Bhandari for his creativity and masterminding the project.

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