Message from the Country Head, Australia

Picture 10My first heartfelt thanks go to all the well-wishers, donors, contributors and the team members of the Punya Foundation for their continued support. Volunteering to carry out tasks of a non-profit charity organisation, working together with fellow colleagues residing in different time zones who are also struggling to find a space in the context of their new settlement needs a lot of commitment, motivation and sacrifice.

The remarkable boost propelling us, with our mission of Seeking Justice through Education and Empowerment, is your helping hands, support and the financial contributions. You may feel that you have contributed only a couple of dollars and it wouldn’t make much difference to our venture. But we share with you the need to take into account a positive attitude without failing to remember that there are many others with the similar contributions, which eventually turn into a significant sum assisting us move ahead with our mission. So, let me share my gratitude for your sincere support.

Your sweet words, warmth, care and sincere support have always encouraged us to work with our objectives towards realisation of our goal. All of you have given us your fingers to hold and we learnt to walk.

It is a great pleasure and privilege to be assigned with the responsibilities of the Country Head, Australian, the Punya Foundation. I shall try to serve the Foundation with best of my strength, availability and knowledge and try best to reach more and more of our target groups with the support they need. None the less, in this mission, I would cherish your support, accompany and guidance.

Love mankind to love god and serve mankind to serve god.
Jai Bhandari
Country Head, Australia
Board of Director, the Punya Foundation

Immediate past Country Head, Australia: Yati Raj Ajnabee