Aims and Objectives


Punya Foundation is a non-profit charity forum established with a mission of justice seeking through education and empowerment. The target groups of the foundation are those people who need support to live a dignified life. The foundation assists underprivileged and rendered vulnerable children with their education. It focuses on welfare of women in fronts of social issues like mediation programs and empowerment via adult education. Operating on the principles of fundamental human rights, the foundation raises voice against violation of human rights bringing social injustice at international forum.


  1. To contribute to the self-reliance and empowerment of the vulnerable and underprivileged children through education
  2. To seek justice and peace through organization of adult education, empowerment and relief provision programs to victims of social injustice, victims of trauma and violence and poor and widows
  3. To assist in the successful integration of resettled communities through organization of cultural activities, providing psychosocial support and job-oriented training programs
  4. To mobilize resources and extend emergency assistance during natural disasters and calamities
  5. To cherish the sacrifice and contributions made by the fighters of human rights and peace organizing literary, relief and cultural programs and to disseminate the incidents of violation of human rights to the wider international community